Q. When should I replace a furnace or air conditioner?
A. You should take a serious look if your equipment is 15 years or older. You should also consider a furnace or air conditioner if you’ve been experiencing problems consistently each of the last several years.

Q. What does SEER mean?
A. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating. Over the past several years, the federal government has mandated that air conditioners move from a 10 to a 13 SEER rating. Overall, the technology in heating and cooling systems continues to improve, much to the benefit of the homeowner or business owner.

Q. What type of safety issues should I expect with a furnace?
A. The newer the equipment, the better off you are as it relates to furnaces. The controls continue to improve. Still, we recommend that everyone has carbon monoxide protector/alarm.  It shouldn’t happen with today’s high efficiency furnaces, but you can never be too safe.

Q. How often should I have my furnace checked?
A. With a gas furnace, once every two years is fine. As the furnace gets older, you should check it every year. With an oil furnace, you should check it every year.

Q. How should I prepare my air conditioner for the winter?
A. You should cover the top with a piece of plywood to prevent anything from falling in and damaging the unit. We often see units that have been damaged by ice that falls off the roof. You will also want to turn off the power to the air conditioner by flipping the breaker. In the spring, make sure to flip the breaker on before you uncover and start the unit.

Q. What is R410A?
A. R410A is a coolant that is now used for new air conditioners and has been since earlier this decade. R410A is more efficient and more environmentally friendly than R22, known as Freon. Initially, there was a great deal of difference in cost, but the gap has narrowed significantly in recent years.

Q. What is your service area?
A. Our service area is about a 50-mile radius from La Crosse.



Roy, La Crosse, WI
“The dealer gave me 5 options to consider and along with the specs for each he also clearly spelled out the rebates or discounts that applied to each. The installation went smoothly with the men showing up on time and doing a good job in a workmanship manner. The dealer also helped with the application for rebates and the warranty listing. So far the Lennox SLP98V has performed great. I rate the whole experience with Paul’s Heating from beginning to end as excellent.”
heyho5, Onalaska, Wi
“I signed up for pauls heating a/c and heating preventative contracts and this was the first time i used them. they installed my central air and the price and service were as i heard. excellent. will use again and reccomend them to others.”
Annitim01, La Crosse, Wi
“We have used Paul’s H/AC for years for maintenance but this was the first replacement of equipment we’d needed. They provided us with many options for the equipment including brochures, potential rebates, and information enough to make an informed decision, performed the job well and efficiently, left the area neat and clean, left all the manuals easily accessible, and provided us with the paperwork needed for rebates, etc. Very easy to work with.”
Bill, La Crosse, Wi
“Your guys finished up about 1 hour ago. The furnace is running great! I can feel the difference already. Your crew was neat, organized, efficient, courteous and fast. You have a great crew. Thank you so much. I’ll refer you to anyone who needs any HVAC work done without hesitation.”
Thomas, La Crosse, WI

“I’d like to thank you personally for the quality of your company’s service. The whole process was handled with a welcome mixture of smooth professionalism and kindly humaneness. It’s been a pleasure to do business with you. I especially want to commend – and I hope you convey my thoughts to them – the actions of the two men who installed the system which I purchased. They were both diligent and affable – good workers to have around—and obviously very proficient at their work.”

David, Onalaska, WI
\"In 1983 your company installed the furnace and air conditioner when our home was built. During the past 24 years of use we have had very few service calls on either of these. However, when service has been needed your repair department has always responded promptly ad your service technicians have always been informative and courteous.\"

“…after receiving 3 bids to replace my furnace and A/C, I decided on Paul’s, not so much on price, but on professionalism and quality of workmanship.
Thank you for the details comparison program and the multiple bids for different furnaces and A/C’s. Also, thanks for your installation crew, they answered any questions I had and did a great job! Highly Recommended!”

Kay, Onalaska, WI
“Once again your business has performed in a timely, professional, and courteous manner. Thank you for answering your phone with a human voice! Thank you for responding to my distress call on 5/25 within 30 minutes. Thank you for having professional and caring employees.”
Nancy, American Legion, West Salem, WI
“A huge thank you for going above and beyond. The extra efforts to complete the project in time to provide a cool and comfortable place for scheduled events at the Legion Clubrooms during some of the hottest days of the year are greatly appreciated by our members and customers.”