6 Keys for Conserving on Costs with Your AC Unit

Lennox AC Unit


Conserving Costs with your AC Unit

In the summer, life is great with a good air conditioner to ensure your home stays cool and comfortable! However, keeping your house or workplace cool, dehumidified, and comfortable, costs money. Air conditioning units need a lot of power to do their jobs. When your A/C unit has a possible issue, give Paul’s Heating a call to troubleshoot your AC issues over the phone and/or give it a look in-person. Because your AC unit is a large machine that requires a lot of power, repairs could get costly!


Fortunately, you can minimize your costs and keep your A/C unit running efficiently for many years to come with these 6 key tips:


1. Get a Programmable Thermostat

There’s not much point to keeping your home or place of business cool and comfortable when nobody is there. With a programmable thermostat, you can save energy when you’re building is unoccupied but still, be comfortable when you arrive. Today’s programmable thermostats are Internet-connected and aware of the weather. They practically program themselves, making your life easier and your costs down!


2. Keep Your Unit Clean

Your A/C unit needs plenty of airflow to do its job. When your coils get dirty, your unit has to run longer and work harder to keep you cool. It pays to clean your unit at least once a year, as it could ultimately save you money!


3. Set It and Forget It

Too many people believe that turning the thermostat lower will make the temperature drop faster. This is a myth. You should set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature and leave it alone. This will ensure your AC unit doesn’t overwork itself, costing you money. Keeping you comfortable is the thermostat’s job, and it is quite good at it.


4. Change Your Filters Regularly

Air-conditioning units have one or more filters to help keep dust and other substances out of the air you breathe. When these filters get dirty and clogged, your A/C system has to work harder to keep you cool. Change your filers regularly to keep your unit clean!


5. Have Regular Inspections

Many of the problems with your A/C system are easy to fix if you catch them soon enough. A yearly inspection by a qualified air-conditioning professional is inexpensive insurance against costly repairs in the future!


6. Fans Make You Feel Cooler

Ceiling fans and stand fans that move the air can make you feel 5 to 10 degrees cooler. When you use a fan, you can keep your air conditioner set just a little higher, and you’re sure to see the difference in your bill.



When you keep your A/C unit running efficiently for a long period of time, you ultimately save money and stay comfortable in your home! Regular maintenance is the key to saving money long-term. Whether you’re having trouble already or want to stop trouble before it starts, Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning has the experience and expertise you need. Give us a call today!