5 Springtime A/C Tune Up Tips

Spring has sprung! We have had our first few warm days of the year and you may have tried turning on your air conditioner. Your cooling system has been sitting idle, taking the punishment of a harsh winter. Here are five A/C tune up tips to help get your system in better shape for keeping you cool and comfortable in your home or business:

How to care for your cooling system

1. Change Filters

Clean filters help keep dust and allergens out of the air, but they get clogged with particles over time. A clogged filter decreases the air quality in your home or business and can cause your equipment to work harder than it needs to. This increases your utility bills and shortening the life of your system.

2. Clean the Coils

Over time, the inside and outside coils will accumulate dust, cobwebs, and other debris present in the surrounding air. When a technician does a tune up, they clean this debris, preparing your system for use in the spring and summer.

3. Clear Drain Lines

An air conditioner produces a lot of condensation as it cools and pulls moisture out of the air. This water collects in a pan and needs to go somewhere to prevent an overflow or backup. It's important to ensure that your drain lines are clear of blockages so gravity can transport this water to a drain or pump.

4. Check Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is the chemical contained in the copper line running from your air conditioner outside to the rest of the system inside. As your compressor engages, it allows the refrigerant to take heat out of the air. A trained technician can use a specialized gauge to check the level of refrigerant in your system and will recharge it if necessary.


5. Change your Thermostat from Heat to Cool

As the seasons change, so should your thermostat settings! Make sure you check your system setting displayed on your screen. When the outside low temperatures rise above 60 degrees you will likely want your system set to cool so your system will keep your home comfortable for family and friends.


If you have any questions about this checklist or would like to schedule an air conditioning tune up, we are happy to help! Give us a call at 608-784-0751 or message us on Facebook!