view of HVAC technician doing routine maintenance under Paul's Protection Plan

What is Paul’s Protection Plan?

Paul’s Protection Plan: A Precautionary Measure Against Unexpected Costs  The Paul’s Protection Plan, or PPP, can prevent you from having to make unnecessary service calls for your heating and air conditioning equipment. Receive routine maintenance and catch any potential problems that might become bigger in the future by enrolling in our company’s membership plan.    Why […]


Wi-Fi Thermostat Basics

Nowadays, almost every electronic device operates with the added feature of wireless connections. Phones and laptops use internet access virtually every day because of their wi-fi capabilities. Thanks to wi-fi connectivity, it’s also possible to connect our phones to other devices. Screen mirroring lets us use our phones as remotes for streaming sites and displaying […]


Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

When To Repair or Replace Your Furnace Your furnace, regardless of quality, won’t last forever. However, it’s difficult to determine when you should replace your furnace, or get it repaired. Without training or extensive knowledge on the subject, your safest option would be to get an expert’s opinion.  Their assistance can help you save money […]