Heat UP Wisconsin – 2017


Paul’s Heating & Air Conditioning takes a lot of pride in being an active member of the Coulee Region community. We as a company are grateful that we get to wake up in a warm home, come to work at a place that values our contributions, and ultimately arrive back to our loved ones in a comfortable home. We also recognize that not everybody in our region is so fortunate, often due to circumstances which have left them defeated and down on their luck. Approximately eight to ten years ago, a few Lennox dealers(Paul’s being one of them), started a program called Heat UP Wisconsin that aimed at bridging the gap between the two contrasting situations.

Heat U.P. Wisconsin is a program that takes place on the first Saturday in October, in which local business owners give deserving members of their community a helping hand. Lennox Industries voluntarily donates up to one-hundred furnaces in Wisconsin/Upper Michigan, and the local Lennox dealer donates the miscellaneous materials, with their employees donating a day of their time to ensure that the recipient gets a reliable, high quality, high efficiency furnace.

This past year's recipient of a furnace during Heat U.P. Wisconsin was Marty Severson. Marty has been an active member of the La Crosse area for many, many years by donating his time to a myriad of causes over the years, along with serving three tours of duty with the Navy in Vietnam. He also became a noteworthy voice of the Coulee Region as a DJ on a local radio station Z93 and Hit 105, also known as Brucie Bumchuckles. You can read more about his radio career here. Besides his service to our community, the reason that Marty was selected to receive the furnace was due to his home being heavily, heavily damaged during a flood in July of 2017. His house needed to be torn back to the studs in most areas, there was nothing left. Even with all the destruction that occurred, the contractors that he enlisted for the rebuild were able to get enough work done, before we arrived, so that we could install the furnace like we had hoped. The timing was impeccable.

Everbody who could make it from Paul's Heating & Air Conditioning came together as a team(as we always do!) and did what we do best in order to help a person who has contributed so much of his time to the local community. Marty, we thank you again for your service to this country, this area and we hope the rest of your home restoration goes as smooth as possible.

At Paul's Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe that heating and cooling installation can be done in the most timely, professional, and transparent manner possible. If we can repair what you have, we'll do that. If not, we'll find something that works for your home and your budget. That's our promise, the Paul's Promise.