Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Checklist Before Fall Arrives

Most of us probably sigh in relief once fall finally begins. However, fall is soon over, and then comes winter, that time of the year that is well known for freezing weather, warm drinks, family gatherings, and comfort food. 

As the seasons’ change, and with a load of things to get done, it could be easy to forget that your heating and cooling system also needs some attention. Going through your HVAC checklist before fall arrives will save you money and ensure that both you and your loved ones stay warm and comfy as the nippy temperatures settle in.

Here are a few essentials to include on your HVAC checklist to ensure that you are well prepared for the months ahead.


1. Replace your HVAC filter

One of the more vital things to do to safeguard your furnace is to replace your filter. For best results, if possible, replace your furnace filters every month and especially before the winter season begins. Replace your old filter with good-quality pleated or polyester filters.  They last longer, offer better overall efficiency for your HVAC system, and deliver better air quality.


2. Clean up

Make time to clear any debris or dust accumulations from your furnace. Dusting goes a long way in reducing the chances of a system clog, providing a healthy airflow, and improving the efficiency of your HVAC system. Clean up the area around your furnace which provides clean air flow. In the event that you need your furnace serviced, it will be easier for a technician to get at it.


3. Clear Exterior Unit

If your HVAC system has an outdoor unit, it is imperative for you to routinely clear it off the debris and fallen leaves. Debris and leaves that collect around this outdoor unit can result in decreased system performance, improper airflow and eventually leads to a complete breakdown of your HVAC system.


A good tip to keep in mind as you clean up your yard is to always leave between two to three feet of space around your outdoor unit to prevent future HVAC damages.


4. Check your system

Examine your HVAC system for dents, cracks, or any other apparent signs of system damage. You may need to enlist the services of a professional to examine the electrical components of the system.  However, you could glance around the HVAC system to ensure it is tight and firmly in place.


5. Schedule Professional Maintenance

All HVAC systems require a professional tune-up once, or better yet, twice a year to make sure that the system operates at its best. Using your HVAC checklist, do your checks and assess the maintenance required on the system. However, other things will be best done by a qualified technician. These include:

  Replacing humidifier and furnace filters

  Cleaning the furnace, air ducts, and other system components

  Inspecting your HVAC system to isolate issues and offer replacements or repair solutions


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