How to Spot the First Sign of Trouble with Your Air Conditioning Unit

air conditioner tune up

Having problems with the temperature of your home and need a possible air conditioning repair?

As we get further into the summer season, the heat can get unbearable. Yes, even here in the Midwest! One of the worst things that could happen in this heat is your air conditioning unit going out. Before you need to fully replace your ac unit, spotting the first signs of trouble could be the difference between just needing a few simple repairs and needing to replace your unit.


When to know that there is something wrong:


  • Lack of airflow

Weak airflow is often one of the first signs that your air conditioning unit may need to be looked at by a professional. You will notice little to no airflow from your home’s air conditioning vents which is a sign that maybe the compressor is failing, your ductwork is clogged, or nothing is wrong at all. Better be safe than sorry and call a professional to troubleshoot over the phone, first!


  • Strange sounds

If you hear squealing, grinding, banding, rattling, and any other odd, abnormal sounds coming from your air conditioning unit, it may be time for it to be seen by a professional. Strange sounds could mean that something is wrong inside the unit and failing to contact a technician could result in costlier services in the future!


  • Foul odors

Pungent, foul smells coming from your air conditioner are not pleasant to deal with. Musty smells could mean that there is mold or mildew growing inside your unit. Bad odors could come from burnt wires as well, which would need to be replaced asap!


  • Leakage

Moisture in places where it shouldn’t be can result in a couple of issues. It could be a refrigerant leak which can be a very serious health risk to your family. It could be a problem in the condensate line which may be blocked or broken. Water leaks are a concern and should be addressed by a professional immediately. Refrigerant leaks can cause many different problems. Either way, these moisture issues will cause mold growth, so it is imperative to get it looked at by a professional immediately.


 Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Maybe the most obvious sign your air conditioner isn’t working properly is feeling no cool air coming through the vents. If the air is not cold at all, there might be a problem with your system and it’s time to call in the professionals. Whether you have a lack of cool air, or something else abnormal happening with your air conditioning unit, always call a professional to diagnose the problem properly.

The expert technicians at Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning will provide responsive services for any emergency your ac unit has! Give us a call when you notice the first sign of trouble as we will help you troubleshoot over the phone first. We are here for you in this Midwest heat, ensuring your family stays comfortable in your home with a working air conditioning unit!