HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Close up hand a man and cat fur with dust in air purifier filter basic cleaning in home with orange cat in background
Close up hand a man and cat fur with dust in air purifier filter basic cleaning in home with orange cat in background

As a pet owner, sometimes, you forget that the hair of your furry friend can also cause adverse effects, such as allergies and other skin reactions. This is especially true if your heating or cooling systems have spread the fur all over the house.

We know you love your four-legged friend so much. That’s why you should remain healthy to keep showing your affection for them. Here are some practical HVAC tips to maintain clean indoor air quality without compromising care for your pet. 

Vacuuming Is Key

Regularly vacuuming your home can significantly improve air quality and prevent your HVAC unit from trapping excessive hair on its filters. Make sure that you don’t allow your system to circulate the layers of fur accumulated in your home. 

It is advised to vacuum at least twice a week to collect all the shedding on your couch, carpet, and other surfaces. By cleaning regularly, you’re protecting your health while also preventing the air ducts of your HVAC system from getting damaged. 


Replace Your Air Filters

The unavoidable pet shedding causes air filters to clog faster. Hence, it is important to change filters regularly. HVAC systems have filters that improve the air quality by filtrating dust particles. These particles are the common causes of allergies. That’s why it’s recommended to replace filters every 3 months to prevent dust accumulation.


It is also important to regularly check for signs that your filters have accumulated too much hair, so you can change it immediately and prevent contaminating your air indoors. Another benefit of regular air filter replacement is maintaining proper airflow in your home, which can reduce your energy bill. 


Groom Your Pets Regularly

To avoid more fur from getting trapped in your HVAC filters, groom your pets frequently. Some pets have shorter hair, but their fur and dander can still build up in your HVAC systems. Grooming includes bathing and brushing their hair on a regular basis. 


Pets who have been groomed will not shed a lot, and, as a result, the HVAC’s air ducts and filters will work efficiently. Clogged air filters also use more electricity, which may affect your utility bill. 


Regular HVAC Maintenance 

Replacing air filters and vacuuming all areas of the house are great ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home. However, it is also important to have your HVAC systems maintained by professionals. Do not forget that HVAC units are essential equipment that needs to be handled by experts.  

A technician should be knowledgeable in detecting malfunctions and other issues that must be fixed immediately. Having your HVAC units inspected and tuned up at least twice a year will ensure that everything works perfectly.


Get Started

Properly taking care of your HVAC system can contribute to living a healthy and happy life with your pets. Have your heating and air conditioning system serviced by Paul’s Heating, a trusted HVAC company in Onalaska, WI. Schedule a service with our certified and professional technicians today.