Lennox iComfort App


As homeowners, we want to have control over choices that affect our comfort and well being. We want to be able to decide when and where changes happen, and what those changes are. Lennox has continued to put this attitude at the forefront of their technology and product line up. The iComfort App is at the leading edge of the home-automation technology. This gives homeowners the ability to change temperature, fan, and humidity settings along with other aspects of their indoor air quality. The iComfort app works with any compatible iComfort thermostat in Lennox’ collection. Lennox has a few options available to homeowners which gives you flexibility on features and budget.


Why use iComfort?

With the help of the iComfort App, you don't have to have "Oh Shoot" moments when you realize you forgot to turn the temperature up or down. You have an app for that! Along with exact control over the comfort of your home, there are energy saving features such as temperature schedules. These schedules help you manage energy consumption by changing the temperature based on who is home. You can set the temperatures and times you want the system to operate, and let the app do the rest!

Additional features:

  • Feels Like temperature reading
  • Geofencing temperature control
  • Away mode off/on
  • System notifications
  • Local outdoor temperature display
  • Local Pollen Count

Whether you want a high tech thermostat packed with features, or a simple Wi-Fi capable thermostat, you can get what you need from the iComfort collection of thermostats and the iComfort App.


The iComfort App works on any internet connected mobile device or tablet, and is available on the app store your device uses (Apple or Android).

If you have additional questions about the iComfort App or would like to install a thermostat from the iComfort lineup, complete our contact form and one of our team members will be in touch.