“I think it needs a little freon”

This is a very common request from customers who call our office. “My A/C is flat” or “My A/C needs a charge” are common ways to explain that a portion of a cooling system’s refrigerant has leaked into the atmosphere.

For homeowners who have replaced their air conditioner within the past ten years, adding refrigerant isn't a problem because their air conditioner uses R-410A refrigerant. This refrigerant has become the cooling industry universal standard since 2010. For the other portion of customers who have an air conditioning system that's more than ten years old, continuously recharging their system is not recommended. This is because systems of this age use Freon or R-22 refrigerant, which is being actively phased out by the EPA. When a cooling system is consistently losing refrigerant it means there is a leak somewhere. When a system is leaking, the homeowner needs to make a decision about how much time & materials they want to spend trying to fix the leaking system, versus how much it will cost to replace the system with a system that uses R-410a refrigerant. Considering that R-22 is going for around $100/pound, the payoff point for replacement comes sooner than most homeowners realize.


If you have an air conditioner that is more that 10 years old, a visit this spring from Paul's Heating & Air Conditioning can help give you some clarity on the condition of your system. Armed with this information you can effectively budget for any future repairs or replacement. We are a Lennox Premier Dealer, a title only given to the best of the best. We install quality equipment as if it was going in our own homes. Give us a call at 608-784-0751 or message us on Facebook.