Wi-Fi Thermostat Basics


Nowadays, almost every electronic device operates with the added feature of wireless connections. Phones and laptops use internet access virtually every day because of their wi-fi capabilities. Thanks to wi-fi connectivity, it’s also possible to connect our phones to other devices. Screen mirroring lets us use our phones as remotes for streaming sites and displaying different forms of media. Indeed, wireless connections make our lives easier. It is not surprising that other home devices are slowly adapting wi-fi capabilities and of these featured devices is the thermostat. However, many homeowners have questions such as: “what is a wi-fi thermostat, and how do they work?” Below we listed a few things you need to know about wi-fi-capable thermostats.


What Are Wi-Fi Thermostats?

In general, these devices function like regular thermostats that help you control your home’s temperature. They can detect how warm or cold your home is and respond by turning your heating or cooling systems off. This keeps a comfortable ambient temperature throughout your house.


How Do They Work?

Wi-fi thermostats are programmable devices, so you don’t need to turn them on and off yourself. Just set the time, and you can sit back and relax. As their name suggests, wi-fi thermostats can be controlled remotely from a different device connected to a wi-fi signal. The added convenience means you don’t have to be near the wall to change any settings.


You can change the thermostat’s settings on your phone, computer, laptop, or tablet. Some wi-fi-capable thermostats can also help you monitor whether your heating or cooling device is performing efficiently or not. Some models can also alert you if certain parts of the HVAC system are damaged or malfunctioning.


One of the best features of these advanced thermostats is the ability to adjust to temperatures on demand. For example, you can let the device know whether you’re coming home early or late and it will adapt to create the perfect ambient temperature upon arrival.


Are They Energy-Efficient?

What makes smart thermostats especially appealing for homeowners is that they can help save money on energy bills. Unlike older HVAC units and thermostats that need to be left on for long periods, a wi-fi-capable thermostat can be programmed the exact number of hours before turning off.


Thermostats like these can also monitor real-time energy usage and how long the device has been operating. This means you get up-to-date information to keep your system running smoothly. Although wi-fi thermostats cost more than basic thermostats, the extra features that make your system more informative and efficient are worth the higher price tag. If you’re unsure about getting it for your home, you can always ask a professional technician for advice.


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