Troubleshooting Your Equipment

When a piece of your home’s heating or cooling equipment fails to operate properly, it can make your mind start racing. It’s important as a homeowner that you know who you can call for whatever type of issue you may be experiencing. Whether it be no heat from your furnace, no cooling from your air conditioner, poor air quality, or something else related to the air in your home you know that you can call Paul’s Heating & Air Conditioning to resolve the issue.


Before you do call us, we ask that you check a few items to see if you as the homeowner can avoid a service call altogether. This isn’t us being lazy, but rather trying to save you the customer from spending hard-earned money you don’t need to! The following items are applicable to most all issues you can be experiencing with the heating & cooling equipment in your home. They are also simple steps you can take that will ensure that it’s worth initiating a service call from Paul’s Heating & Air Conditioning:

Check Your Furnace Filter

As a home owner it may seem elementary, but you wouldn't believe how many times we have arrived at a home to find a furnace filter caked with pet hair and dust! If you aren't getting adequate heating or cooling from your equipment, pull your furnace filter out of the slot/cabinet and ensure that you can see light through it and it's free of other major obstructions. Be sure to do this when your furnace and/or blower is off, that way the fan doesn't operate when a filter is not installed.


Check For Adequate Venting

For Furnaces: With most high efficiency furnaces, you will have two vents that come out one side of your home. You will want to check these vents for obstructions; a straightened metal coat hanger works great for reaching deep into these vents. Possible causes of a blockage can vary from a mouse nest, bee hive, to ice and snow. Either way, they need to be cleared in order for the furnace to operate properly

For Air Conditioners: An air conditioner needs adequate air flow around the outside unit as well. Be sure to clear the area around the unit from leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. Air must flow from the bottom/sides of the outside unit, in to the middle, and out the top after being pushed out by the condenser fan. If anything impedes this flow, less than optimal cooling will occur.


Cycling Power to the Unit

Sometimes all a unit needs is a hard reset, you can do this by interrupting the power supply to it. Do you know where your electrical panel in your home is? Find your electrical panel and look for the breaker labeled with whatever piece of equipment you are trying to troubleshoot. Flip this breaker to the off position, wait approximately 30-60 seconds, and then flip the breaker back to the on position. Go to your thermostat and make sure the temperature settings are at levels that will call for heating or cooling.


Change Your Batteries

There are thermostats out there that operate exclusively, or in conjunction with batteries. If you have either one of these models, be sure to regularly change your batteries or at least do this before calling a technician in for a service call.


WOAHHH.....Not so fast....!

If you have exhausted this checklist.......then stop right here and give us a call! If these steps did not resolve the issue, it's important that a trained professional do any additional diagnosing of the equipment to ensure that no unintended damage is done to it. There's no shame in throwing in the towel and letting Paul's Heating & Air Conditioning handle it from here.

"At Paul's, we believe heating and air conditioning can be done in the most professional, timely and effective manner possible. If we can repair what you have, we'll do that. If not, we'll find something that makes sense for your home and your budget. That's our promise, the Paul's Promise."