What to do Before You Turn on Your Furnace This Fall and Winter


When the air early in the morning and late at night starts to cool down, it’s time to start preparing for the first time you turn on your furnace this year! It’s been many months since your furnace was last on. Living in the Midwest, it is imperative to make sure your furnace is going to heat your home properly.

Prepare For Winter

If you procrastinated on possible upgrades and tune-ups for your heating system, Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning can help make sure your system is ready to go before the temperature drops. Here are ways to properly prepare your furnace for winter:

  • Replace your air filter – Any opportunity to improve your air quality is important. It is very simple to do but can be easy to forget. Changing your air filter ensures good air flow and plays a crucial role in the health and efficiency of your system.
  • Dust off your heating system – Caked on dust and grime can be a serious fire hazard. If not cleaned properly, this can also result in the musty, funky odors your furnace gives off when it is on. Fall cleaning time is just as important as spring cleaning!
  • Do a test run – On a cool fall night, turn your system on to ensure everything is normal and nothing particular needs to be fixed before winter is here. Listen for odd sounds and ensure heat is coming through your vents. Doing this early enough is a great way to check if you aren’t sure your furnace needs to be seen by a professional!
  • Schedule a maintenance service – To save money on energy bills every year, schedule a heating tune-up with the team at Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning. Early maintenance ensures you reap the most benefits with the lowest heating costs!

Save Money With a New Heating System

Your family will stay comfortable all season long with an updated furnace and heating system for your home. Eliminate breakdowns and reduce your energy bill by maintaining a well-working system with Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning!