When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

Lennox AC Unit

Be Prepared for the Unpredictable Wisconsin Weather

Summer is a time for warm weather and warm weather equals a warm home if not cooled properly by your air conditioning unit. The average life of an air conditioning system is about 15-20 years, depending on several variables, and something worth investing in! If your AC unit is under 15 years old, it may be better to repair it instead of fully replacing it, depending on the damage.

Have Your AC Unit Work For You

Your ideal air conditioning unit should be energy efficient while cooling your home at maximum power. Your system should be able to reduce the humidity level that comes with the intense heat of summer. Lowering the temperature of your home in the spring and summer will ensure good sleep at night and more enjoyable activities during the day. Stay at max comfort level with a state of the art air conditioning unit from Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning!


Here are some signs you may experience when it is time to replace your AC unit:

Excessive noise – There is a strong possibility that if you hear unusual, loud noise coming from your air conditioning unit, there is something wrong. Your duct system is possibly not large enough for your home, or there is something inside causing a rattling noise. There are many things that could be causing an irregular noise from your AC unit, so it is important to have a professional come take a look at it in person to further diagnose the issue.

Dust – Many things can lead to dust in your home and one is a faulty air conditioner. A dirty air filter and leaks in the duct work can contribute to dust, along with many other things. Don’t compromise the efficiency of your air conditioner and overall air quality of your home, call a professional to diagnose the cause of the dust!

Cooling and heating inconsistencies – If you feel any humidity and inconsistent temperatures throughout the house, either something in your unit is not working properly or there are issues with the duct work.


Stay Comfortable in Your Home

No matter what, if you are not comfortable of your home because of the air temperature and/or air quality, call the experts at Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning to analyze your AC unit and come up with a solution that is best for your home and your wallet!

The best way to find the right replacement unit that fits your standards is to call a professional. The trained and certified technicians at Paul’s Heating and Air Conditioning will make sure everything with your air conditioning unit is taken care of, including annual tune ups. We will make sure your new system is here to last. From installation to repairs, trust the experts to keep your home cool this summer!