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Few homeowners realize that neglecting regular air filter changes can cause your furnace to age more quickly than it should. Changing your air filter is one simple, easy task that will make sure your furnace can "breathe" easy throughout the year. Paul's Heating & Air Conditioning provides quality air filters in most sizes and styles, along with offering delivery within our service area for qualifying quantities. Call us today or use our online store to request a delivery!

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

Frequency of air filter changes can vary from once a month, to once a year, but use the following guidelines as a reference for your home:

Always inspect your air filters monthly

If you use 1" air filters, change your air filter every 1-3 months

If you use 5" air filters, change your air filter every 8-12 months.

If you use any type of humidifier in your home, you should be changing your filters more often.

Your air filters will not last the same amount of time as your neighbor's air filter, it's important to inspect your air filter monthly to monitor whether or not it's time for a change. If you notice discoloration, folding, whistling, odor, or any sort of residue building up on your filter, change it as soon as possible!

Pauls Protection Plan

The Paul's Protection Plan, or PPP for short, is the best step you can take to prevent unneeded service calls on heating and air conditioning equipment. You can rest easy knowing that our professional technicians have done preventative maintenance to catch any potential problems before they cause major issues. Enrolling in the Paul's Protection Plan gives you:






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