Paul's Protection Plan

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The Paul's Protection Plan, or PPP for short, is the best step you can take to prevent unneeded service calls on heating and air conditioning equipment. You can rest easy knowing that our professional technicians have done preventative maintenance to catch any potential problems before they cause major issues. Enrolling in the Paul's Protection Plan gives you:


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The Paul's Protection Plan is a long-term service program designed to keep you home's heating and cooling system well maintained and to help protect you from unexpected costs due to breakdowns and emergency repairs. The Paul's Protection Plan is for homeowners who want their system regularly maintained by a local service provider who watches out for them.

What is the Paul's Protection Plan?

Keep your warranty intact. Maintaining your equipment, just like changing the oil your car is required by manufacturers. If you believe in routine maintenance(we do), this program allows you to get annual tune ups without paying more than you have to. This program is for customers who want a reliable, trustworthy local company to take care of the heavy lifting. Skip the fly-by-nights who won't be there when you need them.

What does the Paul's Protection Plan include?

The most common heating and cooling system is a furnace and air conditioner. Your Paul's Protection Plan for this system includes:

  • Two tune up visits: one for your furnace and one for your air conditioner. Our technicians will do a full 21-point inspection on your equipment to make sure it's in the best operational condition possible.
  • Priority scheduling over non-PPP customers that call at a similar time-frame.
  • We remind you to schedule appointments for your heating and cooling system.
  • Discounts on repairs and other products up to 15%
  • $95.00 Automatic Discount: If you need us to resolve a persistent issue with your system within 60 days of a tune up, you won't pay our normal dispatch fee($95 value)
  • Automatic Renewal: This plan automatically rolls to the next year with no need to contact us.

What does the plan cost, and what is required of me?

The base price for a furnace and air conditioner is $106.00 charged biannually(2 times a year). This fee is charged automatically to a credit or debit card we will save on your account. If you have a different type or amount of equipment this price will vary. All that we require of you is to provide an email address and method of payment. The rest is up to us! You can rest easy knowing that Paul's Heating & Air Conditioning is your committed heating & cooling service!

"It's still running, why do I need a tune up?"

Your heating system is the most important part of your house. Without it, midwest winters would cause pipes to freeze and your home to be uninhabitable. Just because your system is still running, doesn't mean there isn't cause for concern. There are many signs of age you won't notice without a qualified technician paying your system a visit. Having a trained technician thoroughly check your system is your best way to catch small problems early before they turn into large, expensive repairs.

For after hours or emergency service, Please call Paul's!