When considering your budget for a home improvement project, it's imprtant to know how to manage your monthly cash flow. Whether you are replacing one piece of HVAC equipment, or overhauling your entire system, we have financing options available for you! Payments can be scheduled using your bank account on a monthly basis, providing a predictable, and transparent payment option for you and your family's home comfort.

Payment plans have become commonplace for any large purchases; smartphones, appliances, cars, home improvement projects...many businesses are offering payment plans as a way to lessen the burden on your checking/savings account at the time of purchase.

Our financing is supported by a company called Service Finance. Service Finance is the trusted partner of our manufacturer, Lennox, providing homeowners with great financing options for projects large and small. The process is simple. All you as a customer need to do (after getting an estimate from us) is apply using our dealer number on their website, get your approval letter, and we'll help you finalize the rest! To apply, click the button below to submit your application.

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